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Although these tiny organisms are most often found in food, soil, water or insects, they often end up in the human body through contact with contaminated food or water. With certain types of intestinal parasites, even topical contact with contaminated water (swimming or washing) can be fatal to your health.

For this reason, Parazol is recommended - a unique plant complex whose active components:

  • Normalize digestion and natural intestinal microflora, eliminate nausea and heartburn
  • Eliminate bad breath, improve appetite

The most common symptoms that an infected person encounters are:

  • General feeling of weakness or chronic fatigue
  • Headaches, irritability, insomnia, hyperactivity, abdominal pain, bloating and irregular stools
  • Iron deficiency, dry skin, allergic skin reactions, itching (on the skin, in the area of the anus, in the ears, nose)
  • Problems with the digestive, respiratory or locomotor system accompanied by a lack of concentration

When it comes to the presence of parasites, treatment is based on drugs that starve and paralyze parasites, accompanied by supportive measures, most often organic teas that promote the detoxification of the body.

The active components of Parazol are isolated from the following plants:

  • Absinthii Herba (Wormwood Flower) - The complex of organic compounds of this plant enhances appetite, enhances the excretion of toxins, and has a deadly effect on most known parasites
  • Oregano Herb (Oregano Flower) - One of the strongest natural antiseptics, successful in combating stomach problems, digestive problems and bloating
  • Thymi Vulgari Herba (Thyme Flower) - Contains thymol, which is very often used against intestinal parasites
  • Mentha Folium (Mint leaf) - Destroys harmful microorganisms, improves digestion, improves the protective functions of the body
  • Anise Fructus (anise fruit) - has a strong effect on peristalsis and intestinal microflora and thus helps eliminate various types of parasites

Proper and regular use of Parazol organic tea guarantees complete detoxification of your body and thus normalizes the natural peristalsis of the intestine, soothes the stomach, removes nausea and heartburn, which ultimately leads to starvation and elimination of parasites from your body.

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